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In the early 1980s, Dewayne Tomlinson founded Tomlinson Machine Works. A small, one-person, home-based shop focused on quality machining services.

About us:

Tomlinson Machine & Tool

Dewayne Tomlinson in his home-based  Machine Shop

Southaven Mississippi

1991: Tomlinson Precision LLC  formed. Through many years of hard work and steady growth, a 10,000 square foot facility in Southaven, MS, was constructed, and we added CNC machining capabilities.

2006:Tomlinson Precision's production machining division sold.

2008:Tomlinson Machine & Tool, LLC was formed by  Brian Tomlinson  The Tomlinson name reflects

the decades of continuous quality service to

our customers.

A diverse customer list is maintained

with many dating back over 30 years.

We are located in a clean

facility with late-model, American made

Haas CNC equipment located in

Southaven, MS, just south of Memphis, TN.

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